JCS is a professional non-profit welfare organization, unique in the Jewish welfare system in that we render services in all areas of specialization in all age groups. We provide a full range of preventative, educative and supportive counselling, statutory services as well as material relief. Working with families in regard to domestic violence, child abuse and family conflict including parenting skills development and statutory child protection matters. We also work with older persons living within the community, substance dependence, psychiatric illness and criminal offenders. JCS is reliant upon a UJC allocation, a small government subsidy and bequests and donations to support its infrastructure, clients and various initiatives which are described below. Services are rendered by a team of six social workers, a social work assistant and a small administrative team.


If a client is referred to, or calls in to JCS, they are scheduled in for an appointment with our intake social worker, Renee Donneson. She will conduct a full assessment and feed back to our social work manager Anne Marx. All cases referred are then discussed at our professional weekly team meetings. Anne Marx will then allocate an appropriate social worker to the case and from there on each case will be managed accordingly by that designated social worker. If material assistance is required, the case will also be allocated to our financial relief coordinator, Barbara Edelberg. Barbara will assess the client’s financial circumstances, contact relevant sources of collateral and, in liaison with the case managing social worker and the social work manager, prepare a recommendation regarding assistance for presentation to our relief committee. The client will be provided with intervention services as indicated by the social worker. Furthermore, the case managing social worker will represent the client at the relief meetings in order to motivate any appropriate material assistance for that client. The relief committee will make the final decision regarding what assistance will be provided for each client presented. The resources available include financial assistance towards basic needs, social work counselling as well as facilitation of access to multi-disciplinary professional services and access to what the various JCS initiatives have on offer. For more information click the link below or read more about each initiative mapped out on this website.


JCS, as it is known today, has been in existence for over 155 years. It was established in 1859 by a group of concerned community members who provided material assistance and sometimes the tools to make a living to Jewish immigrants. JCS is the oldest of the seven Jewish welfare organizations which fall under the umbrella body of the JCC (Jewish Care Cape).