A light and airy space is home to JCS’S Art/Craft group every Monday afternoon. Clients and guests congregate to enjoy an easy interpersonal camaraderie where they bead necklaces and bracelets, learn to draw or paint or engage in any medium of artistic expression including mosaic, fabric painting and adult colouring in.

The participants feel cocooned in an emotional oasis freed from everyday worries and challenges.

Two dedicated and passionate volunteers facilitate the beading/jewellery making and drawing.

Some soak up the relaxed friendly atmosphere and may choose to read a book from the in-house library or simply engage in idle chatter or as observers coloured by the therapeutic ambience.

The participants although a small band of enthusiasts look forward to experiencing the therapeutic benefits of engaging in the creative process and feel sheltered from daily stressors while they release their inner child.

A computer and internet station completes the repertoire of activities where persons may surf the internet, send e-mails or delve into face book.

If you are looking for an antidote to boredom or looking for a new challenge newcomers are welcome.

Contact JCS on 021 4625520 to make arrangements for participation – you will feel the difference.

(Zia Adler, June 2017)

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