Bargains Galore

Cape Town is filled with hidden gems, and Bargains Galore is one of them. It’s a second hand shop on 65 Regent Street, Sea Point, where you can find a large range of goods for very low prices. From fashion to vintage steals – we have it all if you are willing to take a look!

Bargains Galore provides help to the community in 4 ways:

1. JCS clients are assessed on merit and granted permission by their social workers to take what they need from the shops free of charge.
2. The rest of the goods that are not acquired by our clients are sold to the public with the proceeds being fed back into JCS.
3. The shops provide unofficial employment to many JCS clients along with relevant supervision.
4. Bargains Galore provides free collection of goods from members of the community who wish to donate belongings that they believe will be worthy for the shops to sell.

Come have a look and see what you can find, or if styling is your thing, come volunteer and style our windows, we’d love your help.

For enquiries, please call us on 021 462 7004.