The Property Hub refers to JCS’ existing property portfolio. There is a growing need for accommodation amongst our indigent and vulnerable clients of the Cape Town Jewish Community, ranging from singles and families. JCS currently owns 38 apartments in Cape Town which serve our clients on a predominantly permanent basis.

The search for accommodation to place new clients into is nearly impossible with our accommodation allowance being as little as R3500 – R4000 per month per person, which is assessed on merit.

Over the years, JCS has spent copious amounts of resources on accommodation to ensure that our clients have suitable housing. We moved from renting rooms and flats to purchasing some apartments to meet the growing needs. The latest purchase being a 17 bedroom, en-suite guest house which has been turned into a home for those that were residing in backpackers/rooms or rented apartments, some of which were subsidised by JCS. Others have suffered loss of income, threats of eviction which was exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some individuals were living a life of loneliness, suffering from low self-esteem and low self-worth. The guest house allows for interaction, co-existing and living in an environment that is safe and secure, sharing and communicating, and even enjoying a wonderful Shabbos meal together.

Aside from this being a home to the clients in residence, JCS will be introducing programmes to empower and upskill the clients in the hope that they will be able to seek new work opportunities, which will assist each individual towards becoming independent, and be able to move on and out of the residence. Various topics are planned to be introduced including, but not limited to, budgeting, dealing with conflict, how to conduct yourself in an interview etc. JCS will be collaborating with Staff Wise to assist the residents on this path.

Jewish Community Services Community Cottages provide accommodation in two group home environments for 11 persons living with chronic psychiatric conditions. A range of supportive services and projects allow residents to live optimally and strives to meet the range of basic and higher order needs.

The respective houses are licensed with the Department of Health aa a Residential Mental Health facility.

You can help by doing as little as making a house a Jewish home and assisting in any way e.g. if interior decoration is your strength, please help us brighten up the homes we have under our portfolio.