Milner Road House

By Lynne Hendricks
(Social Work Project Coordinator)

Jewish Community Services (JCS) have cared for the indigent and vulnerable members of the Cape Town Jewish Community, for over one hundred and fifty years. Each passing year, we have evolved and we continue to grow and adapt to meet the various needs and challenges of our clients, in the changes that have developed due to the social economic climate, each era bringing with it new challenges and expectations. One thing however remains the same for JCS and that is putting the safety and security of our clients first.

Over the years, JCS has spent copious amounts of resources on accommodation to ensure that our clients have suitable housing. We went from renting rooms and flats to purchasing some apartments to try meet the growing need. The latest purchase being a 17 bedroom, en-suite guest house which has opened the doors of possibilities for JCS, to move with the times and enter the realm of forward thinkers once again.

The 17 Bedroom guest house is being turned into a home for those that were residing in backpackers/rooms or rented apartments. These individuals were living a life of loneliness, low self-esteem, and self-worth. It allows for interaction, co-existing and living in an environment that is safe and secure. Sharing and communicating and even enjoying a wonderful Shabbos meal together.

Aside from this being a home to the clients in residence, JCS will be introducing programmes to empower and upskill the clients in the hope that they will be able to seek new work opportunities, which will assist each individual in becoming independent and able to move on and out of the residence. Various topics are planned to be introduced including but not limited to budgeting, dealing with conflict, how to conduct yourself in an interview, etc. JCS will be collaborating with Staff Wise to assist the residents on this path.

By mastering this model, we will shape the way forward for our clients in the future, building self-esteem, self-worth and enabling the clients with the correct skillset to take them forward on their paths.

JCS Executive Director, Hazel Levin, expands on the need for this initiative: “COVID-19 has exacerbated the need of the vulnerable and indigent members of the Cape Town Jewish Community.
Loss of loved ones, income and dignity have been at the forefront since the start of the pandemic and JCS has risen to the challenge, with a new residential home that will assist the vulnerable and indigent members of our community during these extremely traumatic times. This residence provides comfort, security, care and growth opportunities to those individuals that have been affected.”

For more information please contact a JCS social worker on 021 462 5520 or email

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  • Annalise

    This is good idea.I am waiting to move will soon want to do the same. Start by renting out one room first decorate as Jewish home. Waiting to move in August 2021 middle month.
    > Do feel it is good to have a home with some part of Jewish designs and deco and I love the Hebrew music.It is only right to have a calendar to know how to keep up with Jewish Community Holidays .As I have heard SA calendar differ from Jewish Calender and Time.
    > Its my dream to be part of having a Jewish home.Filled with same Joy and peace and love I hear Rabbi Malcolm and others teach of on Facebook. I love the colours of the kids and modern type of lifestyle of the Youth.Not forgetting how they pray in a home that is Jewish From father to kids . So will in time try to do a course on becoming Jewish.Annalise

    Jul 20, 2021

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